We guarantee 3 - 5 resumes for your vacancy within 1 month.

We fill the most difficult vacancies and provide a guarantee for the selection of personnel.

We can help if:

You can’t fill a vacancy for a long time

You feel like no one is right for you

You don’t have time to search for an employee

The candidates you find do not undergo a probationary period

How we are working:

Why you should choose us:

Guaranteed positive result

Full involvement in your project

Support at all stages of the process

Process transparency and step-by-step reporting

Prompt resolution of complex issues

Replacement guarantee if the candidate is not suitable for you

Our team


Aleksandra Chudova

Founder & CEO


Evgeniya Shahoval

Lead IT recruiter


Tatyana Daukshte

Recruiter - Project Coordinator


Irina Matvienko

Operational manager


Anastasiya Boltunova

IT Recruiter

They trust us:


Your involvement will be needed partially and to a greater extent at the start of the search, because only you know what kind of person you need. Throughout the process, you will receive follow-up questions from our recruiters so we understand who is the best fit for you. Your involvement in the search process itself is not required. We ourselves conduct a search for employees for your vacancy.

If we are faced with the fact that none of the candidates are suitable, we schedule an additional meeting with the client to discuss additional issues in order to understand the additional points and nuances necessary for the search. Following this meeting and additional information received, we will modify our search process to find suitable candidates.

Our team fills 99% of vacancies due to the fact that we actively work with our clients. Before starting work with any vacancy, we evaluate the project and provide approximate information about the chances of selecting a specialist. Our experience and available tools allow us to obtain information about the current market situation and immediately understand how long the search may take.

We work with an internal database, which we update daily. We also have access to professional databases and other third-party tools designed specifically for recruiters. Thanks to the extensive networking built on LinkedIn, we can find suitable candidates there that you, as a simple user of the social network, may not know about.

If a vacancy in your company closes, our recruiters will remain in contact with you and will wait for information about new vacancies or resumption of the search for a closed vacancy. Our insurance in this case is an advance payment, which is not refundable if the vacancy is filled.

At your request, we can conduct personnel assessment using a profiling system. This is a system through which we can create a psychological portrait of a candidate, and also note in which moments he tells the truth and in which he lies. We can also conduct psychological tests issued by you to test the candidate using your internal methodology.

We provide a guarantee (3 months). If during this period you or your new employee are unhappy with the work together and decide not to continue to cooperate, we will begin the search again and provide you with another specialist.

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