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While you are working on important projects, we are working on adding valuable staff to your team. There are no impossible tasks for us in personnel selection.

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Our work style is

The principle of partnership with the client

We will study your company in detail and become
part of your team during the search.
This approach allows us to study your ideology and
vision in detail and find the ideal candidate.

Respectful attitude to the candidate

We respect you, your time and your trust. That is why our work is as transparent as possible and you receive transparent reports on the current status of the task and only the most important information about communication with each candidate.

Quick filling of vacancies

You will receive from 1 to 5 resumes, from candidates suitable for your position, within four weeks from the start of our recruitment work.

Looking For


Looking For


Why TOP companies trust us?

We understand the project technologies and the technological stack of companies.

It is important for us that you get an appropriate specialist in the company.

We constantly provide reports on our work.

We help to create a profile of the ideal candidate for your vacancy.

We guarantee from 1 – 5 resumes for your vacancy within 4 weeks from the start of work.

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