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Relocation to Latvia: Success stories from Sri Lanka, Azerbaijan and Belarus


We are thrilled to share some exciting success stories that showcase our competence in facilitating smooth relocations to Latvia for high-qualified professionals. At IT Camp relocation agency we take pride in ensuring that every client’s journey is not just a relocation but a positive experience that reflects our professionalism and dedication.

Sri Lanka: A journey of 4 months

In our recent success story from Sri Lanka, our client, a highly qualified IT professional, embarked on a seamless relocation journey. The process from the initial application for a blue card residence permit to the positive decision took only four months. Subsequently, within 1.5 months, our client arrived in Latvia, ready to contribute his skills and expertise.

Azerbaijan: 3 months to positive decision

Another noteworthy success story comes from Azerbaijan, where the relocation process was completed in just three months. Our client, recognized as a high-qualified professional, received a positive decision swiftly, enabling them to plan their move to Latvia. The subsequent journey from Azerbaijan to Latvia took another one months.

Belarus: An expedited 25-day journey

In a remarkable case from Belarus, our client experienced an incredibly fast and efficient relocation process. From the initial application it took only 25 days to receive a positive decision. It should be noted that this person was already in Latvia and changed his residence permit status in connection with employment with another employer.

At IT Camp relocation agency we understand the importance of a hassle-free relocation for high-qualified professionals. Our team is committed to navigating the intricacies of the process efficiently, ensuring that our clients can focus on their careers and personal growth. These success stories from Sri Lanka, Azerbaijan, and Belarus are a testament to our professionalism, expertise, and commitment to facilitating successful relocations.